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Baltic Food Fresh & Frozen Meat Products

At Baltic Food, we produce a wide variety of raw, ready to cook and fully cooked fresh and frozen meat products for retail, foodservice and commercial customers. We are dedicated to product development. We take pride in our ability to develop customized solutions for our customers. Everything we do stems from that. To achieve this we are creating the most ideal, natural, healthy environment that will enable our animals and crops to thrive. We follow nature strictly, but use the latest and best scientific research, techniques and equipment


BalticFood produces full range of fresh and frozen Poultry products covering its closed cycle of production


Our 100% grass-fed beef is all raised on farms with tall grass rotational grazing methods.


Our heritage breed pork is all fully pastured. Most of our hogs are coming from organic farms.


We focus on creating healthy high quality foods from our highly maintained family farms.

Our Meat

We currently offer 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and bison, pastured heritage breed pork, and fully roaming/fully pastured poultry and waterfowl. Our cured meats are always nitrate-free and nitrite-free. When you purchase Balticfoods products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest farm products, raised humanely, with consideration for the land, animals and people.


Hear what our customers have to say!

we take our services and customer satisfaction seriously.
Below are a few thoughts that our customers wanted to share. If you would like to send us a testimonial

  • We do a lot of grilling at our home...and the individual wrapped meat makes it convienent to grill for one/two - or a whole crowd. The quality of your meat is great!!
  • I loved it. I had a cookout and it worked out well. I need more but I am leaving town, so I will call you when I get back in town. Thanks .
  • I love the convenience of having each piece of chicken and steak are individually wrapped. It keeps it fresh and you don't have to thaw out a whole package at one time